Levi Yitzchak Wolowik, a"h

Levi Yitzchak was just 9 years old when his soul was returned to its Maker. Levi was a child who shared his zest for life with everyone he met. He was especially close with his family, and was a caring and devoted friend to all—classmates and community members alike.

Levi enjoyed reading all kinds of books and loved writing his own short stories. He liked playing baseball, hockey and other sports. He loved hosting guests in his home and playing with his siblings.

Levi’s was a life of learning, growing, giving and sharing.

The Levi Yitzchak Library is designed to engage entire families with a vast selection of books, multimedia activities and creative outlets that represent traditional Jewish values. It will be a community jewel that inspires visitors to interact and grow together, in a warm environment of discovery and learning. A place children, teens and adults can call their very own.

BEYOND the Bookshelves Excerpts from Levi’s JOURNAL