“3 things I want you to know about my family. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister. I share a room with 2 brothers. We have 2 bunkbeds in our room. I like to sleep on the bottom. We have a lot of guests.”

“If I was a teacher I would… I would give candy. Let everyone eat in class. I would let them play the whole day. I would give no homework. I would give prizes. And no tests ever.”

“In ten years I will be finishing twelfth grade. I will also be getting a license. And then I will be able to drive a car hooray! Maybe my older brother or sister will get married. I will be in a Chabad yeshiva somewhere in the world. I will help bring Jews to Judaism.”

“Friday it is gonna be a special day. It will be my birthday. I will be 9. I am very very happy.”

“Today I won the raffle. It was for a honey stick. And since I like honey, it was very good!!! And so far I am having a good day!!!”
—WEDNESDAY 2/25/09